Drugs only cures symptoms while nature cures the disease

Welcome to Cosmic Revival

The Home of Vedic & Quantum Healing

Cosmic Revival is the wellness centre where we heal mostly all curable and incurable disease using the science of cosmology and cosmopathy

Ancient Civilisations used healing techniques that are more advanced than today’s medicinal treatment and they were powerful enough to treat even cancer.

Cosmic Revival uses such Diagnosis and Healing methods and the best part is that it has no side-effects infact if you are on any medication at present, say thanks to divine healing of Cosmopathy it can be terminated for once and for all.

  • No injection
  • No blood or waste sample
  • 100 % Medicine-Less Treatment
  • No Side-Effects
  • Feel Blissful and Energetic

Physical Wellness

Physical well-being is primary aspect in every area of life.

Mental Health

Body can heal itself if mind stays open, happy, healthy & active.

Spiritual Health

Healing is our birth-right, Learn to activate the Quantum DNA Healing.

The Body and mind can heal itself if there is proper flow of cosmic energy in your system. 

By restoring your cosmic connection we will activate the cellular healing and increase immunity of your body.

The Lifestyle Stress, Wrong Mental Feeding & Radiation are the primary reason for today’s common disease such as diabetes, depression, anxiety, skin disorder, organ failures and other physical-mental issues.

Stress & Radiation

These are the primary cause for physical & mental problems.
Cosmic Revival - Stress Analysis
Quantum Health Scan for Full Body

36 Organ Health Check-Up

Electromagnetic Quantum Resonator will scan your body and all internal and external organs revealing all your weak and strong parts. Weak ones are prone to disease.

Advanced Brain Scan & Mental Diagnosis

Stress Analyser for Mind & Body

Transcrenial test will scan your brain for electromagnetic activity and mapping the stress levels. Stress is always will be the root for all illness in human body.

Self - Healing Power Analysis & Restoration

Aura & Chakra Power Analysis

Get your Natural Health Order restored and your 7 Chakras charged using elemental therapies. Restore your healing power for Long life & Unlimited Energy.

Quantum Diagnostics & Digital Report System

Quantum Technology Frequency Resonator will scan all the organs of the body and generate computerized scan report showing your health reports and disease.

Non-Medicinal Treatment & Therapy Center

Medicines build up physical and emotional debris in your body and people who have been using medicines from a long time are detoxed to make it easier for them to restore healing power of the spirit.

Physical & Mental Stress Reports

The Stress is and always will be primary cause of disease in modern era. People are worried all the time due to reasons and undiscovered fears that are not even true which blocks their cosmic connection with the healing force. We will analyze how much stress is stored in your body and mind for mental therapies and brain enhancement.

Tranquilizing Stay for Patients

Living in nature in a village is our idea for admitting patients. Next to soothing river in the jungle surrounded with trees and charm of birds makes your sun rise and sunset a powerful healing phenomena while you stay for your physical, mental & spiritual therapies.

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